Service prices

Jinan yellow ants is in strict accordance with the Jinan price Bureau regulations and Jinan moving average cost to develop, but also guarantee the quality and the cost of your move best program. The price for reference, actual price requires negotiation.

charge standard:

1, the start price: residents moving 100 Yuan/cars, units moved 150 yuan per car (5 km)

2, the fees at a distance: loading (or unloading) 5 metres away from cars, plus 2/car/m, 5 km per km charge 5 Yuan per car/cars, remote handling (50-100), such as customer demand for trucks super wide super high loading, such as price negotiation 50--200 Yuan.

3, floor: each layer 5/car, four each of 10 Yuan (four), six more than 20 elevators 20/car, five floors above each extra 10 yuan per car.

4, electrical charges: color TV 21 inch 10 Yuan (25-29) inch 20 Yuan (30-54)-inch 50-100. Refrigerator: 1.70 l 10 Yuan, more than 1.70 l, pair of Prince, Prince, Siemens 30-120, left and right double door extra large refrigerator 60-200. Gas tanks, bed, desk, washing machines, computers, air conditioning, exercise machines, smoke machines, sewing machines, copiers, cameras, metal cabinets, mattresses, glass coffee tables, mirrors, water heater, antiques and vases Add (10-60 RMB/piece) safes, stone, fish tank (each piece a 20-500) according to the size and weight, glass per square of 30 yuan.

5, furniture: Chair, sofa, leather sofa set in each group (50-200) of mahogany furniture: two (three) large kitchen, wooden plate charge (20-500 RMB/piece) plus 10 yuan per 25 kg. Negotiation may be extra extra heavy duty items.

6, entry fee: big cupboard door 30-50, bed, desk, conference table, dressing table plus (30-100) partition each group of 40 Yuan, on its own disassembly, furniture received 40-100 Yuan each. Paint valuable furniture such as special packaging or breaking 50-150.

7, piano: 120 following the initial 150 Yuan, more than 120 starting 150-200, triangle above the initial 300-1000, plus 150-200 Li Qin, flowers per pot (5-100)

8, and air conditioning disassembly fee: 1-1.5 horse (100 Yuan/Taiwan), 2 horse (200 Yuan/Taiwan), 3 horse (240 Yuan/Taiwan), 5 horse (400 Yuan/Taiwan), a drag II (200 Yuan/Taiwan), added pipe each meters 100 Yuan (wire except), wire 20-30 yuan/meters, shelf each pay 50 Yuan, lamps disassembly 20-40 Yuan. Ordinary 40 disassembly and Assembly of the water heater, double 80 solar 200 disassembly and Assembly

9, the vented fee: (70-80), costs 80 yuan/hour (customer causes)

10, customers need the invoice, subject to 8% tax.

provide plastic crates for the relocation of offices and office rent.

packaging items negotiable.