we moved Beijing moving company will choose a good day, that is why in Chinese zodiac legend since ancient times.
About Zodiac connected on the day a variety of calculation methods. Has odd door choosing an auspicious day, and rise choosing an auspicious day, and too workers choosing an auspicious day; has Zodiac method, and noble method, and stars method, and loaded GUA method and so on, China of civil traditional habits, in held ground-breaking, and Leung, and relocation, and opened, and marriage festive, and travel, and signed, and seeking fiscal, and bulk goods trading, and investment and funeral, rules of procedure of the are to select a zodiac day, its purpose is to blessing avoidance fierce.
Many of China's folk mythology, religion, physiognomy, calendar is a carrier of national history and culture.
Although it was in the process of production and development, unavoidably true debate, genuine, but period involves a lot worthy of study to explore things. Some may still do not really know, and give a scientific explanation, as a historical and cultural heritage of the Chinese nation, it is an objective reality, and I'm not nihilistic approach could be taken. Criticism and inheritance of cultural heritage in a scientific way, eliminate the culture of the Chinese nation, and is a meaningful thing to do.
Day there are various methods in the folk, there are odd men choosing an auspicious day, rise in choosing an auspicious day, so choosing an auspicious day, Zodiac, elegant method, astrological method, installation diagrams and so on. "East wind, miles different customs", our country is vast, many ethnic groups around Liu around cultural customs also varies.

April 03, 2010 February (small) Saturday 19th Aries red cattle (d b) West
April 04, 2010 February (small) 20th Aries red Tiger (Tiger)-South
April 22, 2010 March (large) Thursday 09th Bull red monkey (Shen), North
April 25, 2010 March (large) Sunday 12th Bull red pig (HAI) East
April 29, 2010 March (large), 16th Bull red rabbit (GUI-Mao) East