People move distance and cost

move and take a taxi, there are baseline distance and ultra distance fee.  

a distance, vehicle. This distance refers to the distance between moving to the new place of residence. Base distance is 10 km, if it does not exceed does not cost extra. More than 10 km, plus 3-5 per kilometre range.

Second, the tunnel distance. This distance is the original residence or the distance between the parking space and the new site. Remote handling is very hard to Porter  , so additional charges. Base distance is 10 meters, 10 meters without charge. More than 10 m per 1 metre plus 3 handling fee. In General, if the vehicle is parked in front of the building, transportation distance is not more than 10 meters, there will be no fee increases. Blessing that the relocation company is more than 10 metres, plus 3 Yuan every 1 m.  

three, multiple loading and unloading charges:  customers in the process of moving more or overland will increase vehicle distance traveled and time taken to move, so be extra costs, this blessing to the home relocation company charges for each loaded or unloaded in one Department, road charge 50 Yuan, plus 80-100 way.

final blessing to the home relocation company reminded Shenzhen, Shenzhen City people:

1. informal moving company, caught most people in Shenzhen are cheap fake moving company in connection with the low moving expenses to take business and then in the process of moving petty excuses sat starting at.

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