Preparations for the public before the move

new House for each family is non-important and joyous event, heavy workload and trivial, so as not to move in circles when best to do some preparation in advance.   First arrange time. A move generally require 2-4 hours ranging. If the distance, traffic, or transportation of goods, it may be longer.  

secondly to reserve a vehicle with moving companies in advance, arrive on time and began to move. If more articles, a car pulled up, want to make an appointment more than cars, items away, you can save time.   In addition to pack in advance. Volume larger of box, and Cabinet in of items to prior out or appointment Shi told moved company, such they will with some corresponding tool (as rope, lifting equipment,); some small of piecemeal items best with carton or plastic bagged up, so as not to lost; cash, and jewelry, precious of small items to carry carry; tableware, and tea, easy broken items to separate packaging, and separate handling, and told Porter people so as not to lane broken.